Tuesday, August 11, 2020
Connecting Sydney

Connecting Sydney is a multi-modal transport design that will deliver better transport outcomes and greater value for money for the people of NSW.

The detailed design better utilises existing transport corridors and infrastructure to quickly increase the productivity of Sydney's transport network.

Delivery of Connecting Sydney will:

  • relieve overcrowding on Sydney’s rail network,
  • reduce congestion on Sydney's roads, and
  • improve Sydney's public transport services.

The Connecting Sydney design resolves the conflict between investing in motorways and investing in public transport.

Connecting Sydney is an integrated transport design that will deliver better value for NSW.

Design principles

Development of the Connecting Sydney design was guided by important principles:


  • There would be no compulsory residential acquisitions,
  • The design would integrate multiple modes of transport,
  • Design innovation would increase and enhance city liveability,
  • The design would not rely on tolls to fund motorway delivery, and
  • The design would prioritise value for money for the people of New South Wales.

Proven logistics principles were applied to increase the productivity and efficiency of the existing and future transport network.